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Jerz grew up in what was known as chilltown 354 duncan pjs Jerz love for music started at a young age when his now deceased dad was heavy envolved in music singing & playing various instruments so he has been around music his entire life at a young age Jerz  started to love hip hop so while being influenced to write music, poems  by his dad, he quickly wrote his first rap rhythm although he didn't like it he continued to write music, until he witness the art of battle rapping threw two older guys in his neighborhood, he was so enticed by the witty punch lines, &  the accurate depiction of the entire situation he started to pay more attention to what was actually being said in music, after being in a few groups and having a few possible situations Jerz then locally known as Kaos and his final group he was apart of (D.O.D.) decided to all go seperated ways musically it

devastated him  and left him feeling betrayed he left music alone for quite sometime.  

After  going back to doing illegal work with a childhood friend he got in some trouble, on his way to lay low for a few days he ran into his former  neighbor, ex group mate and best friend mike known now as press'd shared with him some bible versus & a short testimony, but being away one thing that stayed on Jerz mind was the story of Job Feeling compelled to hear more after returning Jerz and Press'd planned to meet up again to dialog about all the questions Jerz was left with after departing the intial encounter so when they met up another formal groupmate Aaron was also in attendance they all spoke.


Jerz was amazed of the Change GOD made in his friends, quietly wanting it for himself but not really knowing how to distance himself from the world Aaron offered salvation to him, hearing clearly what his friend said but still getting his own personal interpretation of the offer threw that spiritual encounter with GOD Jerz was instantly affraid if he wasn't receptive than he may not have another opportunity to accept 

So after giving his life to The LORD jerz still stayed away from music especially rap music in the CHRISTian genre Than out of what seemed to be know where at the time Jerz started writing music again but not welling to share it with his childhood neighbor and best friend Press'd who helped disciple Jerz and earlier shared the same ill feelings towards CHRISTian rap so not wanting to be a stumbling block to his friend he kept it to himself

Until another close friend played some music that seemed to be a non compromising artist 

Final jerz and press shared there change of heart with each other on what GOD can and will use 

Few years later GOD showed Jerz a vision of him and his friend press'd partnering not just with each other but with hand picked artist affiliated with the label to help bring each artist vision that the LORD has given each artist to fruition 

About 3 years later press'd caught the vision and from that moment on jerz and press'd commited themself to the vision The Lord had giving them

Starting L.O.W. Records which is a acronym for Light Of the World records based on the scripture that the LORD has giving them Matt 5;14-16 that officially started L.O.W. On 2/2/09 

Jerz is currently working on a Ep and a mixtape titled Life.  


Jerz also currently made a few contributions to a mixtape called the Carolina boyz with fellow Carolina rappers Legit & Fresh of iIn the Midst

titled "Miraculous", 

"Make me say" , your go, make a sacarfice, &  move it.  He also contributed versus on fellow L.O.W. Artist songs Press'd, Marcello, & Melanie Carter-Smith, such as Move on,shoulders, Born for this, Loud & Clear  he also had a free release in the wake of the Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown situation on 2/3/14 titled Is it justice and also a free release from the mixtape Life  Who do you recieve & Victory.