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GOD giving you the desires of your heart is so true for Al-taheerah.  Al-taheerah is a Singer, SongWriter, Dancer; she fell in love with creating music at the age of 13.  When she was young, Al-taheerah and her childhood friends started a dance group called the dominators, where they performed at many different talent shows. Later, the group disbanded, but  Al-taheerah continued to pursue her dream of dancing and singing. Now solo, she performed at many places such as the talent shows, schools and at many churches.  Al-taheerah was born in Newark and raised in Irvington, NJ.  She was raised in the church, however in her teenage years she fell into a lifestyle of gang-affiliated activities.  While Al-taheerah was in the streets, GOD started to reveal himself to her, then she returned back to church, but she was still involved in the streets .  Finally, the internal tug or war ended as Al-taheerah submitted to GOD's Will for her life.  She realized there was no love in the streets as GOD showed her the real definition of unconditional love.  She is thankful that Jehovah is a Deliver and Redeemer, because HE delivered her from smoking marijuana, drinking, alcohol, lesbianism, fornicating and other sinful acts.  Al-taheerah is now committted to working for the Kingdom of GOD and being about the LORD's Business.  GOD has truly turned her messes to messages and her tests to testimonies; all for HIS Glory.




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